environmental management system

Benefits of an Environmental Management System

ISO 140005 is the internationally recognized international standard, which defines specific requirements for an efficient environmental management system (EMSS). It provides a practical framework for an organisation to follow, instead of setting specific environmental performance standards. A properly implemented EMS will ensure better and more consistent environmental standards in place, with improved environmental control procedures and processes at all levels.

Benefits of EMS

Environmental management systems provide key opportunities to manage the effects of human activity on the environment by improving the quality and quantity of water, air, land and space. By using an EMS you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental controls, thus increasing the productivity of your business. This is particularly important for companies that operate in high demand areas, as these areas are highly competitive and require a high degree of efficiency.

Environmental management systems provide the infrastructure that will allow for a reduction of waste in your company. This means that by using an environmental control system, you will be able to reduce the amount of waste that is produced while improving the efficiency with which it can be managed. The increased efficiency of your waste management and diversion facilities means that the costs associated with managing waste will be significantly reduced, reducing operational costs and making your environmental management system more cost-effective.


A properly implemented EMS will be a vital part of any business, as it can help in the creation of a comprehensive environmental audit, which can be a vital tool for businesses. This is because an environmental audit can identify potential problems and areas of concern before any major problems occur. If problems do arise, it will be far easier to identify the causes of such problems in the early stages, and then implement effective solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of the environmental control system.

environmental management system

Well-designed environmental management systems will reduce the cost associated with managing environmental conditions, by eliminating unnecessary procedures. For example, if a wastewater treatment plant is required to process excess sewage, but this process is not required it can be avoided. This means that the plant is free of the extra waste disposal costs, and will also reduce the cost of operation and maintenance costs.

High-Pressure Environments

A well-designed EMS is also beneficial for businesses that operate in high-pressure environments, such as mining, where the environment is highly sensitive. An EMS will enable you to reduce the need to use high levels of chemical agents or pesticides which may otherwise be necessary, as the environment is being maintained in an environmentally controlled condition. By using the best practices you will not only improve the quality of the environment but also reduce the risks involved with employing chemical agents in the environment.

Environmental management systems will ensure that your plant operates effectively and safely. When you utilise a reliable EMS, your plant will operate efficiently and without causing any undue risks to your employees. You will find that there are no adverse reactions with either human or environmental health, as there are significant safety procedures in place, such as biological safety cabinets, and equipment monitoring, emergency procedures and controls are monitored by trained staff.

The implementation of environmental management systems provides a clear path for your business so that you can focus on making informed decisions regarding environmental planning while reducing the overall cost of operations. This can be extremely beneficial to any company, as it helps you focus on more important matters. The costs involved in implementing and running an environmental control plan can be greatly reduced, and you will have a far clearer idea of how your company is performing. in regards to complying with environmental standards.

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