emergency evacuation procedures

Tips For Emergency Evacuation Procedures

There are many different emergency evacuation procedures and they can be very effective when carried out appropriately. The success of these procedures is often dependent on the safety and well being of the persons involved. When a fire or other catastrophe occurs, an evacuation from a burning building is essential to avoid the need for rescues.


An important emergency procedure is to notify family members, friends and co-workers of your whereabouts at all times. A mobile communication device should be used in such cases, as well as a personal radio to allow for rapid communications. If possible, get an alternate phone number for emergencies. Be sure that emergency contacts know where you are at all times. This includes contacting any medical facilities and organizations that you may need to contact during the emergency.

Emergency evacuation procedures also include the use of first aid equipment at the time of a crisis. Make sure that you have a variety of first aid kits with you in case of an emergency.

Emergency Contacts

Other emergency evacuation procedures include making a list of people who may be able to assist in case of an emergency. Having family and friends reach out to family members during an emergency is one of the most important parts of making a list.

It is also important to make a list of people to call in case of an emergency. Make sure that you take the time to compile a list before a disaster occurs so that all of the important people in your life know what to do in the event of an emergency.


Another part of emergency procedures is making sure that everyone in the building is aware of the emergency. If you have a security system at your business, it is even more important to activate the alarm system.

When you find yourself unable to escape an emergency, never panic. Many people get nervous at the thought of being in a dangerous situation, but this anxiety can sometimes be counterproductive and can lead to other problems, which can only worsen an emergency.

emergency evacuation procedures


Using some of the above tips for preparing for an emergency is a good idea and will help to keep you safe during and after an emergency. These emergency evacuation procedures will also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed during an emergency, which is always a good thing to avoid.

First, always have a checklist and make sure that you have all of your safety equipment in place when an emergency strikes. Second, use an emergency exit strategy. Last, use your emergency plan and emergency evacuation procedures as much as possible to ensure that you are prepared when an emergency occurs.

Emergency exits are typically located in the upper floors of buildings or near the top of the stairs. They are often covered with heavy-duty doors, which will prevent anyone from getting in through the main door of the building. If an emergency does arise, you should open the heavy doors to allow everyone to leave as quickly and safely as possible.

The heavy doors should remain closed if the building is being evacuated due to flooding or fire. If the fire is too severe to allow emergency personnel to open the heavy doors, use the emergency stairwell to leave, as well as the first-floor lobby if the main door is not opening.

Stairwells are a very dangerous place to evacuate. Make sure that you know what you are doing in a stairwell before you attempt to exit a building. If an emergency presents itself, make sure that you do not hesitate to seek emergency assistance.

Make a list of all the important items that you need to bring with you, whether it is food, water, and supplies. Make a list of emergency medical supplies as well, in case you must wait in an area for emergency assistance to arrive. If you have to wait in a hallway, the last thing you want is to wait for someone to arrive before you have all of the necessities that you need.

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